Wellmax Computer starts a BLOG…on the cutting edge of technology!

Hey there folks, technical and non technical people.  Its been a long time coming….actually a long time thinking about it and not sure about it and wondering what I will do about it.

Although I have been into fixing computers, planning and laying out networks, building new machines I have not really taken advantage of what the internet (the thing I probably get more calls about) has to offer.

The definition of IT, Information Technology has changed so much in the last 20 years.  When I stated one could “know” almost all there was to know about computers and networking.  I mean if you knew binary and assembly code, if you knew digital technology, nand and nor gates, if you understood network technology and how packets were addressed and delivered then you almost knew it all.  Not now. It’s like knowing how a car works, all it it, electrical, physics, chemical but not knowing how to drive it from here to there.

So this is just part of an introduction.  I have come a long way and have learned and observed many things and part of what I will be posting about is how humans have been shaped by technology.  For example, people still neglect backing up even though everyone…EVERYONE knows the possibility of losing your data is fairly high.

So I will cover the gambit here, from the nor gates to the behavior behind the keyboard.

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