Some serious WIFI problems and an Attitude to Match

It seems as if the digital world around me is falling apart.  Ransom ware problems, Cryptolocker viruses, WIFI hacking, and the latest shark fin on the horizon…the REAPER botnet. I don’t know…maybe it’s just perception, maybe it’s real and maybe it’s a combination of both.

Noooo…its real all right!

So I have been posting on LinkedIn and Facebook some thoughts on security and why this is still such an overwhelming problem and not getting better.

Read up on the Reaper Bot:
Read up on the KRACK vulnerability:

Over the last few decades it seems that security, digital security has always been stood up on it’s ear, always behind the curve.  One surprise after the other.  I posted in an earlier blog about the massive scale of data breach’s getting worse, bigger, more critical data and what not.

So it got me thinking about the last two weeks and the announcements of the WIFI KRACK (breaking the WPA2 encryption….probably the most common encryption in use today) and the arrival of the Reaper bot.  Something that could conceivable take down the entire internet.  Both of these threats could be avoided by proactively updating and patching our hardware and operating systems.  But we don’t

So how could this have happened?  I believe it is the inherent problem that we humans…are well…human.   We are not proactive.  Microsoft automatically reboots your computer after an update because they know you wont.  I recall with XP…there were people who had 6 months of updates and they had been putting off the reboot for all 6 months!  How many times have you registered a device and gotten email about “do you want to be notified about firmware updates?”.  Most of us do not want to be bothered.

But the Reaper bot is not human, it knows what it must do and does it, relentlessly, over and over and over.  It knows no such thing as procrastination. So it will win….IF…big IF….we let it.

We humans must change our habits when using our devices.  I have probably told over 500 people….”Do NOT ever save your password”.  And I bet only 5 people have heeded this warning.  For some reason, unknown to me users are too lazy to type in a password…just once a day!  So until we are willing to change a simple habit like that….then we are doomed to suffer more and more data and computer hacks and breaches.


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