I have used Wellmax Computers for over 10 years.  Once David Ward of Wellmax Computers fixes something, it is fixed. I never had to call him back to redo anything.  And, when I have had computer emergencies, David has been reachable by cell phone,  email, or dial-in remote access.  I highly recommend Wellmax Computer Services.

Janet Fishman
Northridge, Ca


We have used David Ward of Wellmax Computer for over six years in my small business.  He is my go-to guy for all computer woes.  He has been consistent, professional and possibly the most important, reliable.  Nothing stresses me out more than a computer not functioning – and David always is here to respond and get the problem solved!!!  I recommend him highly!

Kelly Epstein
Woodland Hills, California


I couldn't afford a new computer and Mr Ward tuned up my old pile of garbage desktop like it was new again.  It held me over for 2 years until I could afford a new one.  He quickly configured the new one so it runs more efficiently than it did when it left the store.  Manufacturers load so much stuff on there, which slows down performance.  2 thumbs up for Wellmax.

Steve Feig
Simi Valley, Ca


I have worked with David over twenty years and have seen a consistant quality of service year after year.  David is responsive, knowledgable and willing to research to find the answer to any problem. I have used David's services hundreds of times over the last 20 years and will continue to do so with MY IT clientele.

Steve Gerhardt
eSecure Technologies
Canoga Park, Ca


I make my living on the computer - and twice I've had viruses that threated to wipe out all my work. David was able to delve deep into the inner workings of my computer to root out the virus, saving me literally weeks of work to get back up to speed with my work. And his back-up solutions have assured that I will not be at risk for that kind of catastrophe again. If nothing else - let David set up your back ups!

Dave B
Winnetka, CA